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Credit Care FAQs...

Frequently Asked Questions

Credit repair program

Q1: Can you increase my credit scores?

Q2: If I use Credit Care services, will it show up
       on my credit reports?

Q3: How long is the Debt Negotiation process?

Q4: How does the debt negotiation process

Q5: How does the Credit Repair process work?

Q6: Can you stop creditors from calling me?

Q7: Can you prevent lawsuits?

Q8: How long does the Credit Repair process take?

Q9: Can you negotiate on all debts?

A1: By correcting negative items that appear on your credit reports, your credit scores will increase. This will help you to obtain a mortgage or get a car loan.



A2: Unlike other credit counseling agencies, Credit Care will not appear on your credit reports. Your enrollment in the Debt Negotiation or Credit Repair program will be confidential.



A3: The timing of this process is usually based on how delinquent you are on the debt and the amount of funds available for settlement in your program account.



A4: Once we have received your information, we will contact each of your creditors to let them know that you are enrolled in the program. Funds drafted from your account accumulate in a trust account. Settlement offers are made using these funds.



A5: Credit Care will order credit reports, which will be mailed to you by the three credit bureaus. Credit Care will then dispute negative or inaccurate items that appear on your credit reports and send them back to the credit bureaus to update your information and credit scores.



A6: Cease and Desist letters and Power of Attorney agreements will be sent to all of your creditors. Credit Care will give you hints, tips and suggestions when you are enrolled in our program. These suggestions will help to decrease or eliminate annoying and harassing phone calls by your creditors.



A7: Credit Care negotiators utilize any and all means possible to avoid lawsuits. Our team will work with your creditors to settle your debt before litigation occurs, however the final decision to pursue litigation rests with your creditors. Credit Care can even negotiate on judgments.




A8: As each credit report is reviewed, disputed and returned to the credit bureaus, new credit reports are generated. Because creditors may try to put negative information on your reports even after debts have been paid, this is an ongoing process.



A9: Credit Care can negotiate on all unsecured debt, such as credit cards and medical bills.

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